Why & What I Need to Know

For a number of very good reasons, many individuals and couples are preplanning their funerals and other end of life arrangements.

  • The process can be straightforward and orderly with the support of industry professionals and the input of your spouse or family.
  • You can leave a clear, documented plan to be executed by your executor or authorized decision maker. You should clearly discuss all wishes and decisions with your executor.
  • Preplanning can save your family from making difficult choices in a time of grief. It is a thoughtful gesture that will be appreciated.
  • Leaving significant financial decisions to your loved ones can be unnecessarily stressful.
  • The services or other decisions will be as you want them, providing you with peace of mind.
  • You have a variety of prefunding options that include placing funds in trust or insurance. You can also pre-plan now and pay at need.
  • When prefunding by trust, the appreciation or growth in the account is a tax free benefit.
  • Any pre-arrangements made with a funeral home in Saskatchewan can be cancelled at any time and are fully transferrable.
  • The future supply of funeral goods and services can be guaranteed at today’s prices or you can pre-fund any amount now as a deposit towards future costs.
  • Any contracts or prearrangements made with a funeral home are separate from those you may wish to procure regarding burial or interment.