Things to Consider

Considerations when entering into contacts:

  • A contract for goods and services between the buyer and funeral home may be guaranteed or in the form of a deposit. Ensure you understand what you are buying and getting what you want.
  • It is advisable to acquire a full, current price list of all products and services provided by your funeral home representative and a clearly itemized copy of the signed contract.
  • It would be appropriate to fully discuss all your wishes with the executor or authorized decision maker as that person can make any changes or decisions regarding your funeral plans, as they see fit.
  • Any contract for funeral services and prefunding can be cancelled or transferred at any time. Please be aware there may be fees and this should be discussed in advance.
  • Prefunding by insurance or placing funds in trust can be accommodated as a one-time lump sum payment or be paid by installments. What are your wishes?
  • A funeral home may withhold up to 15% of any funds placed in trust. How is this handled at your chosen funeral home?
  • When prefunding monies are placed in trust, you will receive a confirmation of this deposit from a financial institution.
  • At any time after making the pre-arrangement the funeral home can advise you of the current value of your trust.
  • Your insurance agent can provide you with the policy value, if funded by insurance.