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How The FCSCS Supports Your Rights

  • Prepaid funeral service contracts are secured by an Assurance Fund to ensure consumer wishes are carried out as desired and their investment is protected;
  • For funeral contracts funded by insurance, the Assurance Fund protection does not apply;
  • A consumer may cancel or transfer a prepaid contract at any time;
  • Business records and premises are inspected frequently for compliance to the Act, regulations and bylaws of Council;
  • Ensures mandatory liability insurance for each owner of a funeral home, crematorium or transfer service;
  • Ensures cremation services only in licensed, inspected premises;
  • Ensures itemized price lists are made available to consumers;
  • The FCSCS is open and accessible to address and follow up on any comments or concerns. We ensure these matters will be dealt with professionally and with due respect for privacy;
  • Investigation and discipline of licensees found to be non compliant;
  • Continuing education annually is mandatory for each licensee;
  • FCSCS is overseen by the Superintendant of Funeral and Cremations Services – Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority.