Deposit vs Guaranteed

The Funeral and Cremation Services Act makes provision for the ability to prepay your funeral arrangements in advance, and this can be done either in the form of a deposit contract or as guaranteed prepaid funeral contract.  A deposit contract will be used to pay some or all of the costs for services specified at the time of need, but the overall cost of these services may increase in the interim and additional costs may be incurred when the funeral services are performed.

A guaranteed prepaid funeral contract will provide for future funeral services without additional cost at the time of need. Not all funeral homes offer guaranteed contracts and you may wish to consult with the funeral home in this regard.

Please note that only funds placed in trust in relation to contracts issued pursuant to our Act qualify for protection from the Assurance Fund maintained by Council.

It is recommended you fully discuss what funeral goods and services are covered by this guarantee and what items or costs are outside the control of the funeral home and thus not covered by the guarantee.