Complaint Process

A complaint is required in writing, and when it is received an acknowledgment will be sent to the complainant. The complaint is evaluated by the Assistant Registrar/Compliance Officer, who may make additional enquiries. If there appears to be a contravention of the Act, Regulations or Bylaws, a recommendation is made, with concurrence of the Registrar, to refer the matter to an Investigation Committee comprised of three members.

The Investigation Committee may make additional enquiries and may recommend either no further action or may recommend the matter be heard before a Discipline Committee.

The Discipline Committee is made up of at least five members and the committee will conduct a hearing. If the committee makes a finding of either Professional Misconduct (section 43) or Professional Incompetence (section 44), it can make any of the orders stipulated in section 56.

Both the Investigation and Discipline committees are made up of licensees and consumer representatives.

To submit a complaint to the FCSCS office please complete the Comment Submission Form.