March 24, 2016 Council Synopsis of Minutes

Funeral and Cremation Services Council of Saskatchewan
Council Meeting
Thursday, March 24, 2016
9:00 a.m.

Synopsis of Minutes

Present on teleconference:  Raymond Bailey, Chairperson; Shannon Leson, Vice-Chairperson; Lisa Bos; Gloria Malinoski; Nancy Kirk; Robert Volk; Terry Zip; Agnes Ewen; Eleanor Shumay; Denny Huyghebaert, Deputy Superintendent of Funeral & Cremation Services

Present at office:  Jeff Weafer; Sandy Mahon, Registrar

Minutes taken by: Tanya Chernick-Aldridge

Council was advised no complaints have not been received since the last meeting of Council.  Sixteen compliance reviews have been conducted to date.

Council was advised that the Registrar has been elected as President of the International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards for a period of one year.  Nancy Kirk, public appointee & Lisa Bos, licensee, attended The Conference and found the Board Member Training very worthwhile.

A motion was passed to approve the bylaw & form revisions that were presented by the Legislative & Governance Committee.

  • Bylaws
    • 2012 – License Reinstatement
    • 2020 – Registration for Students
    • 2030 – Licensing Procedures – Embalmer and Funeral Director Practicing Licenses
    • 2050 – Licensing Procedures – Salespersons
  • Forms
    • 20 – Embalmer/Funeral Director Student Registration Application
    • 21 – License Application for a Conditional License
    • 30 – Application for License Reinstatement
    • 31 – License Application for an Individual Currently Licensed in Another Jurisdiction
    • 32 – Student Salespersons Registration Application
    • 33 – Deleted (Application for a Salespersons License)

A motion was passed to approve the January 2016 Revenue & Expense Reports as presented and a further motion was passed to accept the December 31, 2015 Extrapolation of the risk to the Assurance Fund as presented by AON.

A motion was passed to offer a voluntary payment of $200 to the FSAC levy on members.

The next meeting of Council will be held on Thursday, April 21, 2016.

In the interest of timely disclosure, this synopsis of Council Minutes is posted for your information only.  This is a summary only and is not to be used in place of the office version.  Official Council Minutes are not created until the transcript of the minutes is reviewed and adopted by Council at a subsequent monthly meeting.  To inquire into any matter arising from this summary, please contact the Registrar.