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Internship Program/Conditional

Conditional Licensing - Internship Program

Upon graduating from a funeral services education program at an instiution approved by Council, a graduate may apply to Council (FCSCS) to commence a 12 month internship program for each designation which can run congruently or separately. Upon application, accompanied by a police criminal record check, a conditional license to practice as an embalmer intern and/or funeral director intern may be granted by the licensing committee.

The internship is designed to compliment the formal education with on-the-job training and experience. The intern will work in a funeral home licensed in Saskatchewan and report to a preceptor, who will be an experienced licensed embalmer/funeral director. Throughout the internship the intern and preceptor relationship will be supported by a mentor. The mentor will also be a licensed embalmer/funeral director and will provide the intern and preceptor with mentoring on an at-need basis and quarterly at minimum.

There is a detailed course of study (Intern's Journal) and other requirements that must be met on monthly and quarterly intervals. Upon successful completion of the requirements, the funeral director intern will complete the oral funeral director's exam as well as the Jurisprudence Licensing Examination for a Funeral Director and/or Embalmer. In addition to the Jurisprudence Licensing Examination for a Funeral Director and/or Embalmer, the embalmer intern will also complete the Practical Embalming Examination.

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