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Decision of the Discipline Committee
Files 2010-14 & 2011-11

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Insurance funded Contracts

  • The contract for funding is separate and apart from the contract for funeral goods and services.

  • A number of insurance companies are licensed to sell final expense insurance policies in Saskatchewan and are regulated by the Superintendent of Insurance through the Insurance Councils of Saskatchewan.

  • If you purchase an insurance policy to fund your prearranged funeral expenses, you are not buying a guaranteed prepaid funeral as defined by the Funeral and Cremation Services Act (FCSA) and would not have the protections afforded by the Prepaid Funeral Services Assurance Fund.

  • The insurance policy purchased is protected and you can consult your insurance provider for the details.

  • It is your choice to choose to assign the benefits of this policy to a funeral provider and this assignment can be changed at any time.

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